Final Project Gallery Instructions

Gallery Instructions 
  1. Installation should preferably be set up in a smaller space or corner of the room. 
  2. Projector should be placed in an escalated area where it can project facing at a downward angle onto the poster boards. 
  3. Set the poster boards up at a slight angle - the space between them should be large enough to fit another board of the same or sightly larger size. 
  4. The thick blanket should be folded in half. When placed on the floor it should touch the poster boards. 
  5. In the space between the boards place the sharps container and the Rhode Island Hospital box. 
  6. In front of the space on the actual blanket, place the other thin blanket. The blanket can be folded or just smooshed together enough to create a soft resting area for the bears. 
  7. The bears should be placed on top of the thin blanket right next to each other. Fluffy (the diabetic bear) should be on the right and Teddy (the black bear) should be to the left. The bears hands should be touching. 
  8. Next to Fluffy throw one of the meter cases and empty test strip cases. This does not have to be precise it just needs to be close to the bears. 
  9. On the right corner of the blanket next to the poster boards throw the meter boxes (ReliOn, and Freestyle) and have the the prescription slips next to them in a somewhat tidy stack. Again there is no precise order as long as they are in this general area and it looks as if someone has tossed it there. 
  10. On the left corner of the blanket on the side that is away from the poster boards place the two books. The books should be on top of one another but arranged in a way where the title of the book underneath can be partially seen. Again no specific order as long as it is in this general area. 
  11. Viewers should be encouraged to sit on the blankets and mess around the items there. 


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