Project 3: Artist Statement

For this installation our group decided focused on dogs and how they help us deal with emotional pain such as stress, depression, and anxiety.  We set up our installation in a separate room to push this sense of an enclosed space to the viewers, and used two projectors to make the most of the room. The installation begins by projecting videos that cause the viewer to feel negative emotions such as stress or discomfort, then the videos are slowly swapped out with videos of dogs until all the videos are of just of dogs completely. The installation ends when actual dogs are brought into the room to interact with the viewers. 
The purpose of the installation is to show how the involvement of dogs will change and control the space that they are introduced too. More specifically how much influence the dogs have over the individuals whose own emotional state is what is creating this space.  Dogs are commonly referred to as "man's best friend" and this installation tries to remind most individuals of why


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