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Final Documentation

Final Project Artist Statement

For this installation I wanted to focus on the use of social media in creating online communities and spaces that allow for the exchange of communication and information. More specifically I focused on how social media has allowed for these online communities created by and for diabetics which have provided individuals with a widespread exchange of information, experiences, support, and etc. I also wanted to show the duality of the 'diabetic' life portrayed on social media, because many people will try to be positive and inspiring about it but there is this whole other side that is not as focused.

For the installation I created a small designated space by covering part of the floor in a thick blanket. I placed the other items around this are to further push this idea of the blanket being a space. There are various items around and on the blanket that are things type 1 diabetics would have and the space allows the viewer to sort of investigate and look. There are various glucos…

Final Project Gallery Instructions

Gallery Instructions  Installation should preferably be set up in a smaller space or corner of the room. Projector should be placed in an escalated area where it can project facing at a downward angle onto the poster boards. Set the poster boards up at a slight angle - the space between them should be large enough to fit another board of the same or sightly larger size. The thick blanket should be folded in half. When placed on the floor it should touch the poster boards. In the space between the boards place the sharps container and the Rhode Island Hospital box. In front of the space on the actual blanket, place the other thin blanket. The blanket can be folded or just smooshed together enough to create a soft resting area for the bears. The bears should be placed on top of the thin blanket right next to each other. Fluffy (the diabetic bear) should be on the right and Teddy (the black bear) should be to the left. The bears hands should be touching. Next to Fluffy throw one of the m…

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