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Project Proposal 3


Version 1 
For this project, Ivette, Morgan, and I are going to do a project about stress. To do this project we are going to show videos of thing, signs, and symptoms of stress. We want to be able to show how stress affects everyone’s lives regardless of how you live. Stress is also something that some people are considering a disease because of how badly it is affecting everyone. It is also taking away time from the important things in our lives because we are so stressed.
To show stress we are going to record videos of ourselves in stressful situations, but then to juxtapose the stress we are going to bring in our dogs. We’re going to bring in our dogs as a way to invite interaction into our piece. It is also going to be a way to show that even though all these stressful things are going on if you’re petting a dog you feel more relaxed because dogs have been proven to help people cope with stress. It is also a way to include touch and our videos will have sounds that make y…

Project2 Documentation + Artist Statement


Artists Statement
The purpose of my installation project was to bring more attention to the 'feral' cats that live at the University of Tampa since very few people seem to be aware of them despite the fact many of these cats have lived here for years. I took the best videos I could of the feral cats, which wasn't the easiest given how skittish they can be. I then brought the videos in after-affects and rotoscoped them. As a stylistic choice for the older cats, given how dark their fur was against the background, I ended  rotoscoping their bodies and the general area around them to try and create a sort of painted mural look. Since the Feral cats live around the Cass building I projected four rotoscoped videos on the outside and inside of the Cass Building as on a commentary on how they've essentially established themselves here.

Original Source Video

Artist Research: Bill Viola

Bill Viola, Tristan's Ascension, 2014
Bill Viola's creates a lot of immersive installation art through the use of videos and sound that focus a lot on themes like birth, life, death, grief, and love. There are a few articles that have referred to him as being a pioneer for video art. I really like his piece Tristan's Ascension, I find the piece to be so visually striking. I also find it so interesting how even though the water is moving in reverse the physical person does not and it confuses me about how this piece was created.


Process Post

unedited cat video clips