Project Proposal 3


Version 1 
For this project, Ivette, Morgan, and I are going to do a project about stress. To do this project we are going to show videos of thing, signs, and symptoms of stress. We want to be able to show how stress affects everyone’s lives regardless of how you live. Stress is also something that some people are considering a disease because of how badly it is affecting everyone. It is also taking away time from the important things in our lives because we are so stressed.
To show stress we are going to record videos of ourselves in stressful situations, but then to juxtapose the stress we are going to bring in our dogs. We’re going to bring in our dogs as a way to invite interaction into our piece. It is also going to be a way to show that even though all these stressful things are going on if you’re petting a dog you feel more relaxed because dogs have been proven to help people cope with stress. It is also a way to include touch and our videos will have sounds that make you feel anxious. Each of us will be videoing the videos of things, signs, and symptoms of stress, Ivette and I will bring in our dogs, and we will all be helping in madmapper to set up in the black box, and since Ivette and I will be handling our dogs, Morgan will also be interacting by inviting people to come and sit and pet and play with the dogs.

Version 2 
For this installation our group wants to focus on dogs and how they help us deal with things like stress, depression, and anxiety. The benefits of interacting with animals, such as dogs, has been scientifically proven - with most individuals interacting with a dog increases the levels of the oxytocin, a stress reducing hormone. Dogs are commonly referred to as "man's best friend" and the goal behind this installation is to express this notion in a way that will be emotionally understood by the audience.
For the installation we would ideally like to set it up inside of an empty classroom so that we can have this separate space. Viewers would be lead into the room by one member of the group and they would be encouraged to think about things that make them feel stressed, sad, or anxious. Upon entering the room another member of the group would begin to play the projections onto the walls of the room. The videos would be of things that would encourage viewers to go into a more stressed emotional state (like nails on a chalk board or scrolling through one of Santiago's codes x3 ) but as the videos progressed  they would start to be replaced by close up videos of our dogs that would pan out (something similar to those adopt a shelter pet commercials - linked below). After only dogs videos are playing the last member of the group would bring in a dog to interact with the viewers. We want to show how the involvement of dogs take over the entire space and essentially overtakes the sense 'stress' everyone was feeling. 

Referenced Videos

Materials list

- Our Doggos
- Treats for Doggos
- Toys for Doggos
- Signs
- Projector
- Videos


[10/26] start taking videos
[10/29] practice introducing our dogs to each other and edit videos in premiere
[10/31] edit videos and work in madmapper
[11/02] final touches and edits to anything else
[11/09] project due


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