Artist Research: Char Davies

Char Davies, Osmose, 1995 

Char Davies was born in 1954 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a painter, digital artist, founding director of 3-D software company Softimage, and independent installation artist. Her work focuses on interactive virtual reality installations that create a completely immersive space for viewers. Davies is internationally recognized and  considered a pioneer for her works using virtual reality, specifically her installation Osmose
While Char Davies does have a couple more recent installations listed on her website, Immersence, there is literally little to no actual documentation of the installations such as photos or videos of her other work aside from Osmose and Ephémère. Osmose is her first VR installations, the viewer wears a head-mounted display and motion-tracking vest. Through their breath the viewer is able to interact and transition between the multiple VR worlds within the software. Not only is the work immersive but its interactive, the viewer is not also a participant within this virtual space and I think thats super cool especially since this installation came out in the 90's. 

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