Final Project Artist Statement

For this installation I wanted to focus on the use of social media in creating online communities and spaces that allow for the exchange of communication and information. More specifically I focused on how social media has allowed for these online communities created by and for diabetics which have provided individuals with a widespread exchange of information, experiences, support, and etc. I also wanted to show the duality of the 'diabetic' life portrayed on social media, because many people will try to be positive and inspiring about it but there is this whole other side that is not as focused.

For the installation I created a small designated space by covering part of the floor in a thick blanket. I placed the other items around this are to further push this idea of the blanket being a space. There are various items around and on the blanket that are things type 1 diabetics would have and the space allows the viewer to sort of investigate and look. There are various glucose meters, two children's books about diabetes, a sharps container (which is locked so no worries), as well as two teddy bears. One of the bears is from before I was diagnosed as a child and the other one is a diabetic bear given to me after my diagnosis. For me the bears symbolize how my life changed after being diagnosed but I also think it can be interpreted as the black bear being symbolic of a support figure for the diabetic bear.


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