Final Project Proposal


I find the notion of online communities that are sustained by the virtual spaces of social media platforms extremely fascinating and I want to create an installation that focuses on this a bit. More specifically, since November is National Diabetes month and I am a diabetic I think it'd be fitting fo focus on the online communities created by and for diabetics which have provided individuals with a widespread exchange of information, experiences, support, and etc.
I really liked the phone projection/mapping done by Taylor in his project 1, and since my installation focuses on online communities I think something like this would work really well into my own installation. For the installation I want to set up a small, cozy, lounge-like area that feels as if it could be apart of someone's room - but there are items within the space that would be out of the norm for someone who does not have diabetes such as a sharps container, medical adhesive remover, or a diabetic teddy bear. Within the space there would be two long white boards set up (that resemble the shape of a cellphone). On the boards there would be projections of someone going through their phone and browsing through multiple social media platforms looking at diabetic related topic. The videos would start off a bit more positive, showing how these social media platforms provide useful information and support, but then as they progress the topics would get a bit darker. I want two boards to represent the sort of duality of the 'diabetic' life portrayed on social media, because many people will try to be positive and inspiring about it but there is this whole other side that people normally don't see unless they are actively searching for it or are apart of the community.

Materials List
- Projector
- Display Boards
- Blankets
- Pillows
- Sharps Containers
- Glucose Meters
- Glucose Tablets
- Empty Medical Boxes
- Fluffy

[12/02] - Final Videos
[12/07] - All Materials Gathered
[12/10] - Final Adjustments
[12/14] - Project Due


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