Project Proposal 1


I plan to set up three tri-fold display boards and use them to form a sort of partially closed space/area. The display boards would be covered in enlarged maps of cities/towns across the U.S.A that are the most polluted. In front of the boards I want to place a few small-medium sized containers filled with non-biodegradable waste that I would collected (containers are small enough that the audience can pick them up to inspect what's inside). Across the maps, I would project a video that depicts/shows this pollution - it's most likely that all of the videos would be of areas within Hillsborough County. 
I want to show how widespread of an issue pollution is and where a lot of it comes from and or where it ends up. I feel as if people tend to become indifferent/ accustomed towards it because it is a common thing to see trash on the streets or in parks and as such people often don't think further into just how much trash inhabits the areas that we live in and occupy. 
[9/10] all materials collected (excl. Plastic containers) 
[9/12] all video footage collected; trifold display boards should be complete/ decorated 
[9/14] final edit of video completed
[9/15] plastic containers prepared 
[9/15 - 9/20] make any final adjustments and practice projection 
[9/21] Project due 

Materials List
- 3 Trifold Display Boards
- Tape
- Scissors
- Printed Maps
- 2-4 Plastic Containers (full of non-biodegradable waste)


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