Project Proposal 2


I plan to project videos of just the outlines of the feral cats that live at UT onto areas where the cat colonies reside. The videos would be sized to match real life scale and be positioned to give the impression of the cats actually being there. This projection would have to be done at multiple sites, so my plan is to wear some sort of cat mask and essentially give tours/ performance (all at different times and or days) that I would inform people about by passing out flyers that would also provide additional resources for people to look into to learn more. I want to do this because the university has multiple cat colonies but very few people seem to be aware of this. Students either aren't aware of the cats or aren't aware that there are multiple feral colonies. The Tampa Bay area itself has a huge feral cat issue that people don't seem to be aware of and peoples lack of knowledge is making the trap, fix, and release programs in effect much more difficult.


[10/01] - Projection sites scouted
[10/06] - Cat video finished
[10/09] - All materials gathered
[10/10 - 10/17] - Project video
[10/18] - Documentation video finished
[10/19] - Due

Materials List 
- Laptop
- Projector
- Power Cords
- Power Generator (maybe?)
- Cat Mask
- Flyers


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